What are the steps of perfect tile reglazing?

tile reglazing

If you’re “blessed” with a colorfully tiled bathroom right out of the 1950s (peach? teal? faded yellow?) there are only two paths you can follow in order to get a modern shiny bathroom. You either have to deal with it or renovate your bathroom. Knowing the prices for home renovation in New York, many of us started searching for a third option, and fortunately, here is one!

Tile reglazing is the cheapest, yet very efficient solution to restore your bathroom to its original glory or renovate it to create a sleek modern look. 


What is tile reglazing and?

tile reglazing

Tile Reglazing, also known as tile refinishing is the process of cleaning old tiles and giving them a new look. We guarantee you high quality materials, durable results, and like-new look! Our materials are specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion, durability and color retention in high moisture areas. It applies a smooth, porcelain-like finish that resists mildew growth for long-lasting protection and beauty.


What are the steps of tile reglazing?

  • Preparation. Our specialist will cover the surroundings of your tiles, suc as walls, floors, toilet, tub, and windows.
  • Damage Repair. Second, but probably the most important step is to repair the surface. To restore your tiles and their original glow, our specialist will repair crack and chips on your tile before starting tile reglazing.
  • Etching. Our specialist will perform etching to your tile. Roughing up the tile permits the coating to properly adhere.
  • Primer. Fourth step is applying the primer, which will be performed by our specialist with the help of a professional-grade airbrush system.
  • Coating. Final step of tile reglazing is priming. Our specialists will also be using a professional-grade airbrush system to prime the tiles.


Why Choose Us?

tile reglazing

Our specialists have years of working experience behind and can renew the most unappealing bathtubs, so you can enjoy it as it is new! We offer efficient service, affordable pricing, and free quotes!

So, if you are looking for tile reglazing in any area of New York, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx or Staten Island, we are here to take care of your needs! Contact us today and get your free quote for bathtub refinishing!

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