Skin under the eyes: care errors

One of the most problematic areas of the face is the skin around the eyes. The epidermis in this part is almost five times thinner than the rest, and tension, including facial expressions, is active as nowhere else on the face: we blink at least 10,000 (!) Times a day, and we also smile, touch our hands, three eyes …

Skin under the eyes: care errors
In addition, there is much less collagen and elastin in the skin around the eyes, which together leads to the early appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and edema under the eyes.

Trying to put things in order under the eyes, instead of helping, we often do this area a disservice, only exacerbating the problems, and then we wonder why even luxury brands of specialized cosmetics do not help.

Major mistakes
Let’s look at the most common mistakes in skin care under the eyes.

Ignore the cream
Sometimes there is a desire to give the eyes “rest” without using cosmetics or to save money. Yes, situations are different, but if they become not random, but systematic, then you should not be surprised that soon the problems will clearly identify themselves.

Right on your face. Right under the eyes. Directly very noticeable.

Left without care, nourishment and hydration, the skin will very quickly be attacked by external factors, which will provoke the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Leaving our eyes unprotected
As mentioned above, the area under the eyes is super-mimic. And if we add to the natural facial expressions the forced one: squinting from the sun, wind, snow, etc., then we get a sad picture: the eyelids are constantly “wrinkled”, which, of course, is reflected in the skin under them.

Therefore, good sunglasses are not pampering or a waste, they are an investment in eye health in every sense.

In addition, always, at any time of the year, you should take care of the care for the skin around the eyes with SPF protection.

Selection error
For various reasons, but many women do this: they apply an ordinary, even high-quality face cream to the eyelid area. The maximum that such a cream will do is moisturize this area, but as a care product it is not suitable: how to use, instead of, say, hairspray, deodorant.

It seems that both tools are “sprinklers”, but their purpose is completely different.

Abuse of “instant” funds
We are talking about such fashionable patches today.

The fact is that this remedy is just an “ambulance” in order to relieve puffiness, irritation, tone up, etc. But as a care and long-lasting remedy, patches are not only useless, but can also harm.

Therefore, you should use specialized products: gel, cream, emulsion, depending on what problem should be solved. Leave the patches for emergency.

Incorrect application
Another common mistake is incorrect application. In this case, even a good tool will not work to its fullest. Apply the care product in moderation, without overkill. Excess can cause swelling.

Cosmetologists advise that the product that “goes” under the eyes should be a little larger than a grain of rice.

This amount is sufficient if applied correctly: on cleansed skin, at least 15 minutes before going to bed or before applying makeup in the morning.

How to properly apply cream under the eyes

Ring fingers move from the inner part of the brow arch to the outer, then along the lower part of the orbital bone from the periphery to the center.
We make sure that the clicks are point, and the skin does not stretch.

Do not apply the product to the movable eyelid.
First, it is pointless.

Secondly, some active ingredients can get on the mucous part of the eyelid and even cause a burn.

The only exceptions are those products that were either originally made specifically for the area of ​​the mobile eyelid, or the manufacturer indicates that his product is suitable for distribution over the eyelid.

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