Choosing a high-pressure washer for your home needs

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Choosing a high-pressure mini-wash for your home

Types of high-pressure washers

This equipment is classically divided into three categories:

  1. household goods;
  2. professional;
  3. industrial.

Household goods
Devices of this category have the lowest cost. They have relatively low power and a single-phase type of connection to the network. These sinks have an optimal combination of characteristics and cost for buying and using at home. They are capable of performing a full range of basic tasks, including washing cars, tiles, windows, glass, fences, bicycles, etc.

The advantages of household class sinks are:

  • affordable price;
  • light weight and dimensions;
  • easy operation with sufficient capabilities for domestic use.

Professional high-pressure car washes will cost much more than household ones, but they have a number of undeniable advantages. They are great for daily use and can work for a long time. Such devices are superior to household ones in all their technical characteristics, including power, performance, maximum pressure, and operating range of water temperature.

As a material for the pump, choose heat-resistant plastic or silumin. It will be able to work with hot water. Semi-professional class sinks and professional models often have the function of self-heating water. High-quality models can have a temperature setting, brass pump, pressure gauge, etc.

Sinks of this class are used at the service station and are a stationary pump, to which hoses are supplied.

home power washing

This type of high-pressure washer is used for cleaning trucks and aircraft. A large number of functions is due to the wide range of use of such devices, but it affects the price — such a sink will cost more than others.

Industrial sinks are able to work with water of different temperatures and can heat it themselves. The pump of such sinks is made of brass. Another feature is the three — phase power supply, which is caused by high power.

By type of water intake
There is another type of classification of sinks-depending on the water intake. According to this criterion, sinks are divided into two types:

  1. sinks that can take water from the container;
  2. devices that need to be connected to the water supply system.

Self-priming sinks (those that can consume water from the tank) are more convenient due to the fact that they do not require a water main. They are more expensive, but the price pays off due to their versatility. You can check the availability of the water intake function from the tank in the technical characteristics of the device — this feature is always indicated there.

There are sinks without the function of water intake, but this does not mean that such equipment will be cheaper. You can find a washer with the availability of this function at a very affordable price. If the sink will be used where there is a water supply, the lack of water intake from the tank should not be a problem. However, this functionality makes the use of the sink much more convenient.

There are also options in which there is a water intake from the tank, but with restrictions. For example, you can find models with water intake from a container with a depth of no more than 1 meter.

What you need to know before buying a car wash?
There are a number of nuances that it is better to get acquainted with in advance if you decide to buy a high-pressure mini-wash. These devices should never be used for washing people or animals — the high pressure under which water comes out of the sink can damage tissues and cause injury. The pressure at which a particular sink operates can be found in the instructions. For its measurement, the unit “bar”is used.

choosing a high-pressure car wash for your home

Household high-pressure sinks often do not have the function of heating water, and in professional models it is usually present. It should be remembered that the water temperature should not be higher than 60°C.

In the assortment of large stores, you can find models that differ greatly in price, while having very similar characteristics. It is better to carefully study the parameters of each device before making a decision. The kit of a good sink should include the necessary components: handles with different attachments, a container for detergents, etc.

The price of the device is largely formed based on the type of pump and its working resource. The most affordable models have a resource of no more than 60 hours — do not forget about this when choosing. By the way, 60 hours is not so small. It is worth remembering that it takes about 15 minutes to wash the car, you will have to wash the car about 3 times a week, and in winter the sink will not be used, and we get a 4-year working life of the sink. With a 3-year warranty, it is a very good choice for domestic use.

The higher cost of some models is explained by a brass or aluminum pump and metal-ceramic pistons. This significantly increases the wear resistance of the device and its service life.

Washing capabilities depend on the attachments used. Pay attention to the presence in the complete set of ejector nozzles, angle nozzles and various brushes. In order for the sink to work longer, it is necessary to take care of it and use a filter to purify the water. After the end of work, the remaining water is drained from the sink and the pressure is drained from the system.

home power wash

Tips for choosing a mini-wash. Features and Capabilities
Performance. This parameter affects how much water will be supplied. The water consumption of the household sink is up to 12 l/min.
Maximum pressure. Measured in bars. A high-quality sink should create a pressure of 70 to 150 bar. This water pressure is enough to solve any household tasks or clean the car.

Material of the pump (pump). The plastic pump can’t last too long. It is better to choose a silumin, aluminum or brass pump. In addition, plastic pumps are non-collapsible — in case of failure, you will have to replace the entire unit. They also can’t work with hot water.

Filter. Protects the sink from getting garbage together with water. There are disposable and reusable washable water filters. It is more profitable to use the latter-such a filter can be used for a long time.

Water heating system. Eliminates the need to heat the water yourself or use hot water. Such a sink will be more convenient to use. In addition, washing with cold water is less effective.

Automatic stop of operation (auto stop system). This function protects the device from too long continuous use, protects the engine from damage. The sink collects water until the pressure in the system reaches the desired limits. After that, it stops drawing water. When the pressure drops, the pump will start working again. Equipment. A good addition to the sink will be a large set of nozzles: foam sprayers, guns, tubes, etc.

The length of the high-pressure hose. It will be convenient for you to work with a hose with a length of 5-7 meters. This is considered the optimal length, which is enough to work without having to move the sink behind you.
choosing a high-pressure washer for home and car

What is a mini car wash?
This is a device that is used for car washing, external cleaning. With a high-pressure washer, you can effectively wash even dried dirt in a minimum operating time. You can use the tool for cleaning personal cars, bicycles, motorcycles, washing windows, windows, fences, house territory, steps, tiles, etc. With proper care and periodic use, even an inexpensive household sink can last for several years.

How do high-pressure washers work?
The principle of operation and the device of the sinks are very simple — the equipment has an electric motor, the shaft of which is connected to the pump pistons. When you connect the sink, it turns on, transmits rotation to the pump pistons, forcing them to move and pump pressure. The sink can also have a heating function that increases the water temperature during the washing process.

It is best to take a flexible rubberized hose with a length of at least 5 meters — it will be convenient when working in a wide range of external temperatures, and the length is enough to work without moving the sink.

There are two main categories of chemicals that can be used with high-pressure washers: shampoo and active foam. Shampoo is used to soften dirt, and foam reduces the grip between the surface of the car and the plaque. To obtain the required amount of foam, a special foaming nozzle is needed. It can come with a sink included.

Why does the mini-wash turn off?
The washing engine cannot run for a long time without interruption. The safety shut-off system will turn off the car wash for the time it takes for the engine to cool down.

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